How to Make Henna Candles

Henna Candles – Should you select henna and alter candles in the office of art, you are going to receive henna candles. Even the hennaed candle itself is not burnt down; just the tealite is consumed, and also may be substituted as required. This creates the candle as a decorative holder.

Henna CandlesPainting henna art on candles provides a cheap bit of India to your decor. Exactly the same henna cones used to entice temporary tattoos function for candles, too. The very normal kind of candle employed for henna designs would be that a white or ivory pillar candle because you’ve obtained a great deal of room to draw in addition to the light background shows off the layout nicely.

Things You Requirehenna candles materials

  • Candle
  • Henna Cone
  • Decoupage medium/Mod Podge
  • Bowl
  • Newspaper
  • Paintbrush

How to Make Henna Candleshow to henna candles

  • Henna is your paint, and candles will be the canvas. The candles are adorned with elaborate, filigree lace-like designs, and totally drawn hand.
  • Following your henna candle remains dry, then you are going to need to seal off the layout using decoupage medium
  • Permit your henna candle to bathe completely, preferably immediately. In the event the henna is moist, then the layout will liquefy.
  • Pour decoupage medium into a bowl and then stir it well utilizing a soft-bristle paintbrush.
  • Reserve your workout with newspaper to protect it. Put the candle vertical on the paper.
  • Stipple a thick coat of decoupage medium all around the surface of the candle, making very gentle, short strokes and then hammering the brush frequently. The henna is vulnerable and fragile to crumbling. Should you experience excess crumbling, stipple that the decoupage glue to the candle by massaging it together all on the tip of the brush rather than painting with long strokes.
  • Allow the decoupage medium to dry thoroughly, then add another coat. Let the second layer to dry before trimming the candle carefully. You will understand that the layers are sterile when the decoupage medium is crystal clear as well as the surface of the candle is no longer tacky to the touch. henna candle designs
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