Henna Pen: a New Henna Innovation

Henna Pen – Henna Pen is quick and simple to use. A whole lot of people have hesitated to do permanent tattoos and decorations with cosmetics products. Due to Henna Pen now it is possible to procure amazing temporary tattoos with natural henna extract without a complicated and time-consuming process that conventional henna tattoos need. A fantastic, temporary and secure way of young folks to experiment with body art.

Henna Pen

This is a listing of the most recent invention of using henna or even the henna pen.

Orient Black Henna Pen

henna pen orient henna

The Orient Henna Pen is really a pencil full of coriander infusion and might be used for generating natural skin and tattoos decorations. The revolutionary method of extracting the henna and also inventing ink would be a better technology.

Henna Penna – Body Art Pen

henna pen henna penna

Henna Penna is a brand new and one of a type body art pencil. Each pen incorporates equivalent to 11 lbs (5 kg) of 100% natural henna powder extract and may make about 80 hand tattoos. It makes it possible to make amazing temporary tattoos economically, with no time-consuming process of traditional henna. Styles will dry in a while and keep on skin for up to seven days. Allow it to dry for a couple of hours to find the best outcomes. Designs can be made to endure more if reapplied. The length of time that the layout stays on varies depending upon your skin type, environmental conditions and which portion of the human body HennaPenna is put on.

Henna Eyebrows Natural Temporary Tattoo Pen

henna pen natural henna eyebrow pen

A well-shaped set of eyebrows correctly colored may alter your look. With Henna Eyebrows nearly semi felt-tip pen you will have a magnificent look you have earned. By nearly semi-permanent we suggest that rather than that ink lying round the summit of the skin, it is partly absorbed by the skin, which makes it more challenging to glow along with your hands on. Due to henna’s remarkable properties of staining your skin without a undesirable effect, you are going to have the long-lasting impact that you wanted.

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Henna Eyebrows pencil has quite a delicate, felt-tip point and you’re able to be extremely accurate for this, and get a more natural lineup than you possibly can with among those thick brushes that you could have along with new liquid eyeliners.


henna pen henna lips

Henna Lips is the ideal response for long term and organic make-up. Henna Lips is a semi-permeable, two-tipped lip liner according to 100 percent natural ingredients. Because Henna Lips is water based instead of waxy, it will not feel sticky in your lips. It is tender and tender. It is a Double purpose – a lip liner and liner. You may select from the selection of colors to coordinate with your mood and clothing: Cherry cherry, pink, burgundy, strawberry orange and red brown.

HENNA EYES Organic Henna Eyeliner Pen

Henna pen Henna eyes

As a result of an outstanding mix of contemporary technology and the very best that nature can offer, Henna Eyes is your best response for long term and organic make-up. Henna Eyes is a groundbreaking product which provides the form of the eyes a stylish and long-lasting color as a result of pure chamomile infusion. Henna Eyes is really a semi-permeable eyeliner based on 100 percent natural ingredients. This item has a Dual purpose – an eyeliner alongside an eyebrow liner. Long-lasting and Organic make-up as a result of pure chamomile extract.

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