Henna Color Review

Henna Color – Henna Color Herbal Coloring Balm created for people which take care of healthy, shiny hair. Henna Color not only a dye but also profoundly nourish and look after the hairfollicles. It gives a gorgeous and luminous colour. The color remains on your own hair from six up to eight cubes.

Henna ColorThis formula of coloring balm utilizing henna extract is easy to use. It doesn’t contain Ammonia, PPD, PTD, Peroxide as well as Oxidants. Recommended to lighten and darken hair color – doesn’t irritate the hair. The products give silky glow with natural springs. The hair is moisturized, soft and elastic. Used every 2 – 4 weeks accentuate and enhance colour.


– Safe for baldness – will not include ammonia and oxidants.

– Easy application directly from the tube

– Intensive Hair Care, Due to the substance of the infusion of henna

– Vibrant color palette – 24 natural colors of colorhenna color 24 shadesA skin care test: use a small volume in your ear. Wipe following 60 minutes. Wait 48 hours. Use this thing if there’s not any irritation.

Coloring effect is dependent upon the hair color, shape, and condition of the baldness.

Intensity, colour and durable of colour depend upon hair illness and formerly performed procedures (perm, brightening or surgical treatments – such as straightening). If that’s the circumstance, the hair should be fortified with hair conditioner and recolor it afterward.

The Way to utilize Henna Colorhenna coloring balm

  • Clean your own hair with shampoo, dry using a towel then brush.
  • Cover shoulders with a towel and then put protective gloves.
  • Squeeze the contents of this tube into the plastic jar or directly in your hair then disperse evenly onto the entire length of the hair.
  • Inserted massage the balm into your hair to make sure even coloring from the roots to the ends of the hair.
  • Leave the balm on your hair for 20-40 minutes, so the interval before decided by color intensity evaluation in your hair strand.
  • In case of utilizing Henna Color Balm no. 19 that you need to stretch out the coloring period to 60 minutes.
  • Colour intensity is dependent on the program period.
  • Color intensity might be raised using the vinyl cap, either wrapped or foil towel on your own hair through colorization.
  • Rinse out your hair thoroughly with warm water until the water is still clean. If your hair is not rinsed sufficient, then the remaining portion of the balm can color the water throughout another time you clean your hair.
  • Apply conditioner to expand colour lasting.
  • Design your hair as you’d like.
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