Handmade Henna Paste for Sale

Henna Paste for Sale – Free of dangerous compounds, the new henna paste available created by Henna Oasis is eloquent and a dream to use. The blot packs a punch also. Henna Paste For SaleCones will survive for several weeks from the freezer. One cone is sufficient for approximately 8-10 medium strip designs or 20 small designs. It has approximately 30g of henna paste.

Below are a couple things that henna paste may be known as. Henna ink, henna tubes, Piercing tattoo ink, and mehndi cone, and henna painting, plus henna pencil, henna paste cones. They are all slightly accurate! Henna paste is your mix; a henna cone would be the cone-shaped applicator tool the henna paste is put into. It’ll resemble a pencil in particular manners. So some people today call this kind of henna pen. Paint and ink are all self-explanatory.

Lovely Handmade Fresh Henna Paste for Sale on Henna Oasis

Listed below are 3 available new henna paste for sale on Henna Oasis.

Bulk Henna Paste 150 gram LAVENDERhenna paste for sale Bulk Henna Paste 150 grams LAVENDER

$17.20 each

$15.75 each unit for buying least three

$15.00 per unit to buying at least 5 Weight: 190 g

Like to make your cones or possess ribbons that you wish to fill but don’t want the fuss about mixing the adhesive glue yourself? This convenient 150-gram bundle of pre-mixed henna is precisely what you are searching for. Makes an equivalent of 5 of those so that is about $28 worth. That is a saving of 13 just for fulfilling your applicators. Win!

New Henna Paste in Cones 30 ghenna paste for sale fresh henna paste in cone

$5.70 per

$4.95 per unit for buying at least 10 Weight: 40 g

Temporarily produced from Jamila henna powder, but not the standard Rajasthani. Just a small piping bag filled with refreshing handmade henna goodness ready to utilize.

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Bulk Henna Paste 150 gram ORGANIC CAJEPUThenna paste for sale Bulk Henna Paste 150 g ORGANIC CAJEPUT

$17.20 each

$15.75 every unit for buying least three

$15.00 a unit to buying at least 5 Weight: 190 gram

This handcrafted artisan henna paste comprises 100% organic certified organic Rajasthani henna powder to provide perfect staining consistency and electricity. It has cajeput oil.

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